2021 PWN Mentoring Program 


The second cycle of the 2021 Mentoring Program will start in September! 

From May 1st, we are accepting applications from Mentors and Mentees for the second cycle of the program. Register your interest now! 

If you want to be a Mentor or a Mentee, please fill out the corresponding application form below. You will be asked to describe the goals you seek to achieve through the mentoring program as well as your professional and personal background. We will finalise registrations during the summer. 

Afterwards, you will be interviewed by one of our Mentoring Ambassadors to get a better understanding of your mentoring goals and personality. Mentors are then matched with Mentees based on their experiences and interests.

The second cycle of the program runs from September to January, with each mentoring pair meeting monthly, in-person or virtually. The Mentoring Team will support you throughout the journey and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.

In this fast-changing environment, a condensed program is an ideal choice, as we need to rapidly adapt to the new challenges and navigate our way forward.


Registration link for Mentees: 


Registration link for Mentors: 


Why become a Mentee?

Through mentoring, Mentees can expand their perspective of career growth possibilities and evaluate professional and personal development paths. They will receive constructive feedback and support from the Mentor as well as advice on how to increase confidence, improve communications skills, and deal with workplace challenges. 

Mentees are responsible for staying committed, engaged, and motivated throughout the entire program. From the first meeting, it is critical to be focused and to identify mentoring goals.

Why become a Mentor?

Mentoring provides a tremendous sense of fulfilment. Actively contributing to someone´s growth is a deeply rewarding experience.

Mentors develop leadership skills, such as giving feedback and guidance. They also improve communication skills, such as empathy and asking insightful questions.

Additionally, being a mentor gives participants access to the local and global PWN networks as well as increased visibility through PWN´s social media channels. 

Moreover, both Mentors and Mentees receive a range of learning material and have the possibility to attend finely crafted workshops during their mentoring period.


Meet our 2021 Mentoring Ambassadors! 

Flor Turnil

Flor, who is from Guatemala, moved to Barcelona for love. Her husband is Spanish.

She is committed to both helping other professional women and learning from them and the PWN is the perfect network for that. 

Flor works in engineering. She says that she is a very “average” person, but then she adds that before moving to Barcelona she travelled all around Europe twice, once with a friend and once alone by herself. “I love travelling but I also enjoy being alone with myself.”


Marta Odriozola

Marta was born San Sebastian, but she lived in several other cities and countries because of her husband's job. 

She joined PWN because she loves diversity and the mentoring team. She had to reinvent and adjust her career more than once and she needed company to thrive through transitions.

Marta helps people and teams to focus on goals while maintaining their values through innovative methodologies, such as Lego Serious Play, Design Thinking and Creative problem-solving.


Ana Vilao

Ana from Portugal moved to Girona last September to pursue an exciting career opportunity. She now works a Spray Drying Expert at a pharmaceutical company Esteve Química. 

She has always been a member of networking groups. Joining PWN Barcelona allows her to be part of a fantastic and empowering group of professional women in Spain. As a Mentoring Ambassador supporting the Events in the Mentoring Program, she hopes that she can deliver exciting and empowering events to PWN Barcelona members.

She loves to travel and discover new cultures. She has been living abroad in three different countries for the past ten years. 


Paola Gómez Corzo

Paola came to Barcelona from Guatemala in 2008 to earn a master’s degree. She fell in love with the city, which became her new home. She works at a global chemical company as a customer service representative for the UK market.

Mentoring has been an important part of her growth, she had several mentors during her personal and professional life. She joined PWN to support gender balance, learn from other brilliant women and men and to network. 

“I’d like to motivate everyone to join the PWN mentoring program to take advantage of all the benefits of sharing experiences and knowledge, to take the leap to the next level professionally, perhaps to learn more skills to get a new career, a new position, a new job, a new path.”


Meryam Schneider - Co-Vice President

Meryam is from France and Morocco. After spending almost ten years in the UK and a year in New York, she decided to move to a human-size city with her family. She wanted to be close to nature and have easy access to Paris, where she spends half of her time. 

Her wonderful experiences with mentors and mentees in her corporate life motivated her to join PWN. Being with like-minded volunteers and meeting interesting people is just the icing on the cake. Through the program, she hopes to create a solid platform to support women and men, and help them navigate new paradigms in the workplace. 

Meryam works as a VP for an insight company specialized in consumer research in the luxury and wealth management industries. She is also involved in a Swiss not-for-profit organization dedicated to mental health and the new science of psychedelic-assisted therapies. 


Monica Rodriguez - Co-Vice president

Monica is a citizen of the world!  And a yogi at heart! 

Born in Manila, she grew up in the US, worked in Asia, now live in Barcelona, and Planet Earth is my playground. After 11 years in Asia, she wanted to have a European experience. “The doors opened for me here."

She enjoys collaborating and connecting with those on the mentoring team while giving back to the community. To help empower women and make a difference in their lives is what she wants to achieve with the program.

As a Corporate Facilitator, she enables professional and personal growth through workshops on communications, influencing, and leadership skills.


Gabriella Lovas

Gabriella relocated to Barcelona from her beloved Budapest to live out her dreams and embrace the adventures of living abroad. She is now on a quest to discover her new country. 

She walked away from her career as a financial journalist at an international news agency and became a freelancer. Besides working remotely for a fintech start-up as an investment writer, she joined PWN Barcelona as a mentor last year. Now she is the communications & promotions manager of the mentoring program. Volunteering is another opportunity for her to step out of her comfort zone and to be of service to others. 

Every weekday starts with a trail run up on the Carretera de Les Aigües, where she never tires of admiring the gorgeous views of the city. She is the happiest when she is hanging out with friends and family for hours on the terrace of a pintxo bar.


2020 program participants say:

“You are giving your mentees space to figure out their own path but at the same time you’re sharing your path and you’re a bit more directive. I share with them how I screwed up, too.” Tamsen Wassell  (Mentor)

“I get a lot of support from my mentor to create my own rules, my own life. I am very happy with the match made, I trust her completely and I hope to stay in contact with her beyond the program. I hope she feels the same way,” Cathelijne Schuitemaker Wichstrøm  (Mentee)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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