2021 PWN Mentoring Program 


The second cycle of the 2021 Mentoring Program will start in September! 

From May 1st, we are accepting applications from Mentors and Mentees for the second cycle of the program. Register your interest now! 

If you want to be a Mentor or a Mentee, please fill out the corresponding application form below. You will be asked to describe the goals you seek to achieve through the mentoring program as well as your professional and personal background. We will finalise registrations during the summer. 

Afterwards, you will be interviewed by one of our Mentoring Ambassadors to get a better understanding of your mentoring goals and personality. Mentors are then matched with Mentees based on their experiences and interests.

The second cycle of the program runs from September to January, with each mentoring pair meeting monthly, in-person or virtually. The Mentoring Team will support you throughout the journey and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.

In this fast-changing environment, a condensed program is an ideal choice, as we need to rapidly adapt to the new challenges and navigate our way forward.

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